July 4th 2020

Out of Lock Down (we sincerely hope).

We are now open for novices and beginner riders who will need more attention and help with mounting, dismounting, holding the reins etc.

We do ask please, that while we need to be in closer contact than for an experienced rider, although we have made all efforts to keep social distancing, non contact, PPE etc are in place for your and our safety, that you remain aware of yours and all the riders in your family or group temperatures, if there is a rise you let us know ASAP, if there is any chance of a usual and continual runny nose or tickly cough, which we understand all children get, you make sure they wear a mask for their short time on a pony please.
For all other riders that you turn your head away whilst we adjust your stirrups and tighten you’re girth. It is hard to mark your social distancing on the floor Here at Hill farm, so we ask you take care to keep your own social distancing and remain outside of the stable blocks at all times. There are miniature and welsh ponies to see in the paddock which you are more than welcome to watch while we get your horse or pony ready for you.

Your safety on a horse will not be compromised during these testing times as we use an anti viral/bacterial spray on all parts of tack used and touched by riders. All hats are sprayed with a similar substance between uses. We will fill in your registration forms for you, one person or family will be in the reception/hat Room at any one time. Cars will be parked at a reasonable distance and only riders will get out, to avoid overcrowding in the yard, photographs can be taken as horses enter and exit down the drive.

Continue reading as there are points below which you will still need to know.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all soon, stay safe.


Thursday 18/06/20

Its all a little bit different so please read carefully.

We have finally opened for experienced riders who are able to do their own stirrups and girth’s and  will very shortly be opening for beginners and novices who will need a  little more help.  For all enquiries and bookings please call me on 07748253899

All Pony Club members and riders should head to our social media pages – follow us on Facebook Hill Farm Stables – Riding School and Pony Club Centre and instagram @hillfarmstables_iow  Check out the new photos and videos, also meet the new ponies Sam and his girlfriend Amelia.

<em>Corona virus update as of 17/06/20

We are following the government and BEF  guidelines with regards to Covid 19. Our hygiene Policy includes,  frequent  hand washing with hot water and anti viral/bacterial hand soap using disposable hand towels for drying and or using the gel in both the reception sign area as well as the washroom. We do ask all visitors to Hill farm to follow national guidelines using the above, changing your clothes before leaving the premises, wearing gloves at all times except to eat your lunch, to use your own grooming kit, to use your own or the disposable gloves provided for mucking out using the our utensils, your riding gloves for exercising horses, holding reins, lunge lines and ropes etc.


<em>Corona virus update as of 17/06/20

Things to remember:-

1). When arriving or collecting we ask that only the riders should get out of the car, if you would like to watch the lesson, let others leave first, then quietly go through to seating area, remembering your social distancing.

2). Keep your Social distance at all times, use the hand sanitiser and wash your hands regularly using Hot water anti viral/bacterial soap and disposable hand towels.

3). Use only your own tabard, grooming kit,  hat if possible and don’t forget to wear your gloves at all times.

4). Keep your own PPE clean, wash it all after each use, including tabard, gloves, jods and boots.

5). Please take the rider, plus other family members temperatures on the day and the day prior to riding to ensure no sign of disease. You should have no symptoms of Corona virus at all and no sickness in the family that involves, lack of taste or smell, a high temperature, headache, sickness and breathlessness. If so please call us to postpone your ride or lesson and self isolate for 14 days.

6). Refrain from touching your face or your mouth at all times use hand sanitiser if you do touch your face or mouth.

7). Masks only need to be worn if the child has nasal discharge that could easily transmit to others or any speech impediment where extra spray may cause a problem.


Ride or lesson and self isolate for 14 days.

6). Refrain from touching your face or your mouth at all times use hand sanitiser if you do touch your face or mouth.

7). Masks only need to be worn if the child has nasal discharge that could easily transmit to others or any speech impediment where extra spray may cause a problem.

We thank you all for Co operation and understanding during the Covid 19 period.

Updated risk assessments 01/07/20



Reducing Risk of infection when entering the yard:-

1). on booking, confirm clients awareness of Covid symptoms, they should postpone or cancel and self isolate if appearing or testing positive. 
A). Check they have taken temperatures of all riders and person’s accompanying riders, checked for symptoms-high temp, persistent cough, loss of smell and taste.

2). infection from virus from people using facilities (washroom) and hand washing stations:-
A). One person  in one person out of hand washing and toilet areas at all times. Social distancing reminders both printed and vocal.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting of area.

Briefing on how to use the facilities to ensure understanding.

3). Reducing the risk of Infection from virus by contact when administering first aid.

A). Wear all PPE, normal first aid hygiene contamination control
2 m social distancing, disposable gloves for physical contact

mask or face shield if you are in very close contact and droplets are likely

clean hands with anti viral/bacterial soap and or sanitiser thoroughly before and after administering first aid

call the ambulance ASAP in serious cases of head or back  injury or any state of unconsciousness.

remove and dispose of all used PPE safely

monitor your own symptoms for 14 days

4). infection from Covid 19 transferred by failure of social distancing
A). A briefing must take place to educate and remind all staff to ensure all clients maintain the correct distances and measures to maintain and adhere to, these should be backed up by parents and volunteers.

PC members and clients who repeatedly break the rules  will be asked to leave the premises.

as lessons and rides take place outside masks/face shields are not deemed necessary but can be used if preferred by staff and clients alike.

Use briefing signs to remind clients and staff to wash/sanitise hands thoroughly and often and avoid touching their faces.

5). infection from virus transferred by contact between people at initial arrival/signing in/payment/greeting.

A). Try to make payments online or via Bacs transfer, in the case of last minute cash bookings, wash hands thoroughly afterwards.

no handshaking or hugging when greeting.
riders and unnecessary bystanders should wait on car until their time slot or family can leave the premises, leaving just one spectator/guardian per child.
all loaned PPE to be put in wash bucket and not back in the hat room.

surfaces such as – gate locks, toilet doors, taps, stable doors, reception, pommels, cantles, reins, neck straps etc must be disinfected regularly, riding hats after each client where possible.

notices on display for all new arrivals regarding rules and regulations of Covid 19

all clients must be informed not to enter stable blocks or any inside area with the exception of wash room or reception when choosing hats.

Pony Club members are allowed providing they maintain social distancing at all times, use their own grooming kit and wear their own clean PPE (gloves, hat, tabard, boots, mask) washed daily.

staggered arrival and departure times for each ride should ensure minimal risk to each client and family/group.

again hand washing/sanitising must be done on arrival and on departure by each of the riders and parent/guardian.

6). Parking

a new parking area has been made in the front drive  to allow social distancing between pared cars along with the original car park, no more than 4 cars in either park are at any one time will allow for this.

we ask that all people remain in their cars until asked to sign in, we will come and get you as soon as possible, with the exception of those in the front drive who we would kindly ask to wait but the 5 bar wooden gate into stable yard, so that we know you are waiting and keeping social distancing at all times.

People  involved or exposed  to infection risk should adhere to the above would be :-


Pony Club members


Parents/Carter’s/guardians/family members/friends

Further action required

Jayne, William, Jess, Neve and Alesi must be responsible for ensuring these measures are enforced and abided by all PC members, clients and visitors to the farm.

We are also responsible for reducing the spread of infection by applying the spray/wash/gel/ to equipment and utensils, making sure everyone wears gloves and adheres to new rules.

01/07/20 updated







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