Camp list for you and your pony.

Pony club badge, polished, with felt if you have passed an efficiency test.

Clean Hat

Hairnet (bed nets are best) are the best place.

White shirt, stiff collar

Pony Club tie

Pony Club polo shirt

Jacket, or PC sweat shirt

Gloves for riding preferably white

Jods preferably white or beige or yellow x 2 pairs

Riding boots

Back protector if you have one and are in the experienced rider group (walk/trot/canter/jump).

Jeans, T shirts etc old clothes for grooming/mucking out and play time.

Underwear – pants and socks enough for 5 days

Trainers for Triathlon

Swim Suit and towel for Triathlon plus towel for daily washing.

Tooth brush/paste

Body products – soap, deodorant, hair brush.

Slippers and dressing gown

Sleeping bag/pillow and blanket or camp bed to lie on.

Bin Liner for grubby clothes

Tuck box for late night feasts

***Please leave all electronic devices and mobiles at home, if you need to make a call you are very welcome to borrow mine but I will confiscate any devices smuggled in for obvious reasons.

For your pony

4 sponges,  2 for tack cleaning and 2 for grooming preferably different colours so as not to use soapy sponges to wash out your pony’s eyes.

Cocktail sticks for tack cleaning

Grooming kit, (we don’t have enough for ten campers) dandy brush, body brush, metal curry comb, sweat scraper, we have plenty of hoof picks

Tail bandage, elasticated

Plait bands from scats, Froghill  or online -;Equus again there’s no p&p or minimum order, so a really cheap way to buy.

An old towel for washing him off

Carrots or apples or treats or polos are always gratefully received by appreciative ponies.

This is just a guide but If you can think of anything I’ve forgotten, let me know I will add it to the list.

We provide all cutlery and crockery so no plastic plates needed.